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Goal 1: Bridge Public Policy and Healthcare Delivery

  • ◊  Use Information to create understanding and perspective for national and States' public and private policy addressing healthcare Quality and Patient Safety.
  • ◊  Continuously evolve, update, and share web-based information
  • ◊  Use point-source attributable information from multiple sources to build an information bridge across the Quality Chasm.
  • ◊  Foster Public understanding of healthcare.

Goal 2: Inform with Authoritative ‘Semantic Web’ Standard

  • ◊  Promotes attributable information, not editorials or heresay. editorials are used sparingly to interpret complex information and facilitate understanding.
  • ◊  Provide an authoritative ‘Semantic Web’ standard to all information, providing abundant links / references to primary sources of information, as advocated by the National Quality Forum Strategic Advisory Council.*

Goal 3: Provide Complete AND/OR Concise Information

  • ◊  Organize information in structured categories and tiers of depth for each State or Aggregate information perspective
  • ◊  Present structured information in ways that maximize value for users.
  • ◊  Provide topical information in variable depth and from multiple perspectives.
  • ◊  Appeal to multiple users' interests - - - from health policy researchers to healthcare Consumers.
  • ◊  Strive to balance completeness and pithiness.

Goal 4: Collaborate and Share

  • ◊  Commit to open-source sharing of information and ideas, including contributions from all sources.
  • ◊  Collaborate to find source-level information. Meaningful collaboration requires sharing among stakeholders at every level.
  • ◊  Assimilate external Information contributions, with attribution, into NO information will be turned away.
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