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You are at the Homepage for Adult Comparative Cardiac Registry Database Definitions (ACCRDD).

The United States spends lots of its money in delivering cardiac healthcare, and interventional procedures (e.g., cardiac surgery and Percutaneous Coronary Interventions- PCIs) have received great attention from regulatory authorities as patient safety measurement and cardiac outcomes monitoring following these procedures has received increasing focus over the past decade.

This section of the website addresses differences in definitions of outcomes / complications following cardiac surgery and interventional cardiology that are then used in the development of benchmarks and standards across National, States, Professional, and multiple healthcare organizations. These definition-based standards are used to compare and measure performance of healthcare providers. While differences in definitions may not be regarded as a major issue by some, it is noteworthy that each discrete definition often results in different incident values of an outcome from other definitions for that outcome in any given patient population.

The initial offering of this webpage provides comparisons of definitions for over 20 cardiac registries in the US. This comparison reveals over 15 different definitions for peri-operative MI, 10 different definitions of renal failure, 4 different defintions of death, and 12 different defintions of neurological injury / stroke. Evidence that this issue is important is reflected in findings that differences in incidence values for these outcome can vary over 4-fold for death, 10-fold for renal failure, and nearly 100-fold for perioperative MI in any given dataset, depending on which definition of a particular outcome is used. The goal of this effort is to support meaningful standards based on data that is accessible, verifiable, and referenced.

The content for this page has been developed, but has not been uploaded to the server for viewing. We request your patience in the early developmental phase of this website.

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